Airbrushing Wood Flowers Tutorial Group

Airbrushing Wood Flowers Tutorial Group

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Airbrushing Sola Flowers by Moriah gives you access to my Face Book Group where I have many videos you can watch anytime as many times as you like! Over 5 hours of instruction!


*Must have a facebook account to access airbrushing tutorial group!


All videos and links to supplies to purchase can be found under announcement tab.


I start with pressure and flow of paint on cardboard and then go into different shading techniques.

I also have dipping base colors and cleaning airbrush.


I have an unboxing video with the airbrush set I recommend.


Once you place your order request to join my group.

I will verify payment and add you. Select local pickup to waive shipping charge for tutorial only.


Have fun and I can’t wait to see all your pretty succulents!!

  • Tutorial Group

    You can find the tutorial group by searchingon Facebook: Airbrushing Sola Flowers by Moriah